NEW BERLIN - The school board will vote Monday, June 12, on borrowing $4 million, specifically to save energy, but the proposal wouldn't automatically translate into a larger tax bill for homeowners.

Much depends on the tax rate, which takes into account the value of properties across the New Berlin School District as well as debt and expenditures.

The proposal would add an estimated $27.50 per year to school property taxes for a $250,000 home, officials say, if the tax rate remained the same. However, the growth of the tax base within the district is expected to drive the tax rate down.

District officials predict that the school property tax rate for next year will fall 11 cents per $1,000 of full market value to $11.05, even with the proposed $4 million borrowing. That rate is an estimate, however, as taxpayers' bills are based on the assessed values of their properties, not on full market value.

The proposed borrowing would mainly be for updating the HVAC equipment at New Berlin West Middle/High School, officials said. Smaller energy projects are planned for other schools, also.

The projects are all on the district's long-term facilities plan that the school board has already approved.

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