NEW BERLIN - A New Berlin business was one of organizations all over the nation that were victimized by a scam threatening an explosion unless money was paid.

The business received a note demanding $25,000 by May 31 or the entire block would be blown up. The writer said the building was already rigged with explosives.

Superior Printing Ink, 2708 S. 163rd St., was directed to wire the money via Western Union to an Emerson Edwardo Rodrigues Setim, with a Brazilian passport number. The money was to be withdrawn in Chicago.

The writer claimed that he would know if police are contacted and likewise claimed to have access to the firm's computers and email addresses.

The threat closes with: "Do as I say and no one will get hurt."

The threat was received May 30. Officers searched the building for explosives but found nothing suspicious.

Businesses, schools, universities and individuals all over the country, including two in Oak Creek, received fake bomb threats around Memorial Day.

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