Muskego – With many employers having trouble finding skilled workers and with high school students having to decide on an occupation, the two needs will come together on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

That’s when the Career Bus Tour heads from Muskego High School taking students into the world of work. They will see and feel the work environments they are thinking about entering and will speak with people who are actually doing the work they are considering.

Despite all the reading students can do about various lines of work, “For some occupations, they don’t even know what it’s about until they see it,” said Lisa Lamb, school to work coordinator and family and consumer education teacher. She collaborates with the Muskego Area Chamber of Commerce on the career tours.

“They see the environment and the atmosphere,” she said. But they also learn how much is involved in various jobs.

For example, last year after they sat in on an operation at an animal hospital, Lamb said, “Some said maybe this is what they want to do.”

Until that visit, they didn’t know what was involved in the field, she said.

Visits often include demonstrations and talks about what it takes to work in the specific environment. They also cover what classes and skills are needed to advance within the company or industry.

One of the goals of the career bus is to give a broad exposure to all sorts of careers, said Krisann Durnford who coordinates the tours on behalf of the chamber of commerce.

“We try to offer students a glimpse of careers across the board,” she said, both those requiring college and those needing technical educations.
“Unique this year will be Advance Disposal,” she said. “Recycling and waste management are a pretty hot topic. It’s not just a garbage man coming down the street.”

In the past, the school divided students according to their interests and had them visit places aligning with those interests, Lamb said. But now everyone goes everywhere.

“The feedback from students was, ‘Why can’t we go to manufacturing, too?’” she said. Planners soon saw the wisdom in that, she said.

“With students and adults changing careers, it was better to open up opportunities,” she said.

The Career Bus Tour has been given for several years.

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