Muskego – It would be safe to say that Lake Denoon Middle School is not Clinton country.

With a 30 percent turnout, presidential candidate Donald Trump trounced Hillary Clinton in a mock election held at Lake Denoon Middle School, W216 S10586 Crowbar Drive, Muskego. The real election will be Nov. 8.

In the heavily Republican corner of Waukesha County, Trump came away with 141 votes to Clinton’s 49. Another eight votes went to Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and three to Jill Stein of the Green Party. Twenty-three ballots had to be thrown out because of double voting or voting for candidates who were not running.

Asked if the outcome might reflect the future, Principal Linda O’Bryan said, “We’ll have to wait for election day.”

Lake Denoon has children in fifth through eighth grade.

Students were the poll workers in the mock election, checking off registered voters and handing out ballots. The election was held during lunch times the day after one of the presidential debates.

The students had to register prior to voting and bring their school ID card on election day.

Amy Veit, project teacher at Lake Denoon, obtained voting booths from the Muskego Woman's Club and the Muskego Department of Public Works. She also facilitated getting the homeroom lists for registering and logistics.

To prepare students for casting their votes, teachers worked on terminology such as "sound bites," "populist," "swing votes" and "battleground states" that students might come across. Some teachers had students share what they noticed during the debates.

Students also earned about the logistics of an election, such as voter registration and the process at the polls.

The students took interest in the mock election, with a steady line of youngsters voting during lunch hours.

In a news release describing the mock election, Veit said, "Students seem passionate and excited to be able to cast their opinion.

"As teachers, our job during this election process is to teach about facts and policies and during classroom time stick to documented information. The election is where the students were excited to have their voice heard."

The goal was to encourage students to vote when they are old enough and to learn the value of voting.

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