CITY OF MUSKEGO - Call it an amicable separation.

At its March 20 meeting, the Muskego-Norway School Board is expected to consider terminating recreational services agreements with the city of Muskego that date to 2003.

At that time, the city paid 37.75 percent of the cost of building the sports complex at Muskego High School, which includes baseball, softball and soccer fields and tennis courts. In turn the city was responsible for maintenance, with costs divided by the same ratio.

In 2012, the city built the softball complex at Mill Valley School and paid for softball/baseball diamonds at Bay Lane school and agreed to take responsibility for maintenance, this time with a 50-50 split. In both cases the city'S Park and Recreation Department received first priority for use of the facilities and paid no additional costs.

But, last summer, the city requested termination of the agreement. Starting in November 2016, the city pays $10 for each indoor event it schedules. The district plans to charge the same rate for outdoor events, and Jeremiah Johnson, the district's director of operations, said that fee is a fraction of that normally charged to outside users.

"We wanted to have a palatable fee, knowing the community has invested heavily in our schools," Johnson said. He estimates the city schedules about 1,500 events annually at district-owned facilities.

The district will now be totally responsible for maintenance of recreational facilities.

"They'll no longer have to have anybody out mowing at Mill Valley," Johnson said of the city. He said the first major maintenance work the district will handle is a $75,000 resurfacing of the tennis courts.

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