MUSKEGO — A 24-year-old Muskego man, who said God made him stab his mother because she made him take his medicine. is charged in Waukesha County Circuit Court with first-degree recklessly endangering safety, domestic abuse and use of a dangerous weapon.

Taylor A. Huff, W219 S7562 Crowbar Drive, is accused of stabbing Mary Niemiec, 52. She was treated at Froedtert Reserve Health Center in New Berlin for a neck wound and released. The incident happened Tuesday, March 28 when Niemiec was asleep on the couch.

A competency examination was ordered by the court. Huff has a history of mental illness, his mother told police, according to a criminal complaint. Cash bond was set at $30,000. Huff was cleared to be held in the Waukesha County Mental Health Facility and was ordered to take his medicine.

Although Huff lives with his parents, he is on a current commitment with Waukesha County Mental Health, according to a criminal complaint. A preliminary hearing is set for April 13.

According to the complaint, Huff told police that God had moved Huff's body to take a knife from the kitchen and stab his mother in the neck as a warning to stop making him take his medicine. However, he told police that his mother is so adamant about him taking his medicine that God may kill her, according to the complaint.

Huff told police that he was in his upstairs bedroom when God took control of his body, brought him downstairs to the kitchen where he took the knife and stabbed his mother with it, the complaint says.

She woke up and started for the kitchen to call 911, but Huff took the land line from the kitchen, then kept her from from getting her cellphone that was in her purse in the kitchen, the complaint alleges. Niemiec then shouted to her husband who was asleep upstairs to call 911, which he did.

During the encounter, Niemiec said her son didn't think she was his mother. He asked her who she was and didn't believe her when she told him, she said.

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