MUSKEGO — After bids came in 28 percent over-budget last year, bids for a new city hall came in under budget in the rebidding process, meaning the way could be clear for the project to start this spring.

Estimated at $7.55 million, the low bid came in at $5.9 million, said Alderman Kevin Kubacki, chairman of the public works committee.

The main difference was the city going out for bids at a better time of year than the first time, he said.  A few cost-saving changes were made to the building plans, he said.

"We did make some plan revisions that would have resulted in a few $100,000 savings," he said. "The bid climate was completely different."

Construction is estimated to take 10 months, meaning thew project will be well underway by the end of the year.

Starting in spring could mean savings on heating costs because the building should be enclosed by winter, Kubacki said.

The plan is to build a new city hall, then remodel and add onto the current city hall, making it suitable for the Muskego Police Department. Police have outgrown their current building near city hall.

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