MUSKEGO — City officials tonight will consider plans for major improvements to the Muskego High School football field.

Bray Architects has submitted a proposal for three new structures at the south end of the football field that would frame a new entry to the stadium and would be used for concession sales, restrooms, storage, and ticket sales. Site  improvements including patio areas, outdoor seating, new sidewalks, and replacing fencing.also are proposed.

Although the Muskego-Norway School District plans to build a school and renovate two other schools, no money taxpayers approved for those projects, would be used for stadium improvements, school board President Rick Petfalski has assured.

The new concessions building would be comprised of three smaller structures for ticketing, concessions and restrooms. The central building would have a gable roof and the two outer buildings would have flat roofs. Downcast lighting is proposed on the building walls and under the overhang/canopy areas.Landscaping is proposed around the base of the new structures.

The building, proposed for the south end of the football field, could be used for tennis and softball events held nearby.

The outdoor seating would provide a place for patrons to sit and eat.

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