New Berlin - There's something about having a place that's just for you, said New Berlin Eisenhower High School senior Natalie Driebel about the new teen room at the New Berlin Public Library, 15105 Library Lane.

A second-floor room that is a conference room by day but the Teen Suite after school until closing.

"I think it's really cool," said Natalie, a member of the library's teen advisory board that picked out the furniture and the new color scheme for the room. "So teens have our own area to get work done, it'll be really nice."

Part of the goal is to give teens a place to work together on school projects that now play such an important role in education, said Barbara Draeger, library director. Another is to have a place where teens can read, do homework or just hang out as they often do at the library anyway, she said  With the teens in their own room, small group discussions will be behind glass, leaving the rest of the library quieter, she predicted.

In the suite

The Teen Suite is now finished, except for some art for the walls. There is comfortable furniture, tables for study groups to work together and possibly use the white board that is in the room, Draeger said. The room also contains a pillar that can be used as a chalk board. There will be no computers, partly because the rest of the library can't spare them and partly because teens generally have their own, she said.

Furniture for the Teen Suite was purchased with a donation from the Friends of the New Berlin Public Library.

Now that school is back in session, Natalie said she and others on the advisory board will let their fellow students know all about it.

The name Teen Suite was the winner of a naming contest where patrons could drop suggestions into a box in the teen area of the library. Then the staff voted for their favorite name.

Other ideas

Other name suggestions included The Suite, Creative Minds, The Discovery Lounge, Strong Minds Area and Teen Room.

Teen Suite is appealing because it says it all, Draeger said.

"It makes it sound like it's a special place for teens to meet. Their own space," she said. "And it's not trendy, so, in five years we won't wonder why we called it that."

The young adult collection was moved to a new location right outside the Teen Suite.

Where  the young adult collection used to be, the library moved the magazines and newspapers in along with comfortable furniture for reading.

"It was a very well used space pretty much immediately," Draeger said.

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