New Berlin - Two projects aimed at making the New Berlin Hills golf course more money and more enjoyable to play are two to three weeks behind schedule.

Paving paths for golf carts is the project that should garner more cash for the course. That's because the course will be playable immediately after it rains for those who need or want to use golf carts. Currently, they have to wait for the course to dry out a bit before carts can be used.

The other project involves digging out and rearranging the sand traps and replacing the hard sand inside with more porous sand and sometimes better drainage systems. The result is that if golfers end up in a sand trap, their golf balls won't be sitting in a puddle of water.

"Our big nemesis has been the weather," said Ted Wysocki, Waukesha County supervisor, former New Berlin mayor and chairman of the New Berlin Golf Course committee that oversees the city-owned course at 13175 W. Graham St. Rain puts the projects back not only the day of the rain, but a couple of days after. Crews have to wait for the course to dry out enough for work to resume, he said.

Progress made

Still, things have moved along.

"Regular golfers appreciate and see we are moving forward," Wysocki said.

The stone base for the new asphalt paths has been laid for paths on the front nine holes and a third of those paths are now paved, he said. Officials hope to finish paths for the front nine holes this fall, he said.

Also in their sights this fall is starting the bunker rehabilitation.

The approximately 15 sand traps on the course are so old that the sand has hardened and the drainage system doesn't work well, he said.

No more puddles

"Puddles are in there for days and days," Wysocki said.

The plan is to remove all the sand, fix the drainage system, if necessary, and add new sand, he said.

There also will be some changes to make the course less difficult in some ways, he said.

"They will make it more playable," Wysocki said.

In addition to the path and bunker projects, the course has been planting trees -- about 90 so far, he said.

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