New Berlin — Any kid or adult for that matter can be an American Ninja warrior. All they have to do is conquer the Stonefire Ninja Warrior obstacle course at Stonefire Pizza Co., 5320 S. Moorland Road, New Berlin.

The obstacle course is modeled after the seemingly impossible feats contestants on the popular television show "American Ninja Warrior" are asked to do. But instead of dangling by your fingertips as you cross an abyss as in the TV show, the Stonefire Ninja Warrior can get across on monkey bars.

And if they chance to fall into the abyss, no matter. The fall isn't far and the abyss has comfy cushions at the bottom.

Since the Ninja Warrior Course opened at Stonefire last summer, it took off like none of the other attractions at the entertainment/restaurant have, said general manager Nick Lee. As far as he knows, "There's nothing like it in the area."

The Stonefire owner discovered the course at an international amusement park convention and decided it would be a perfect addition, Lee said.

And he was right. Word has flown around the town quicker than a ninja's knife.

Lots of buzz

"There's lots of buzz in the people coming in," Lee said.

The ninja addition to Stonefire is a welcome addition to the city, too, said New Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Ed Holpfer.

He happily admits to being an "American Ninja Warrior" watcher. He was intrigued by the Stonefire model and said he hopes it will be a conquering hero.

"It would be great if it would attract more people to the restaurant and to the area in general," Holpfer said. "I hear positive things from folks who go there."

For adults, too

Although the target age for the ninja warrior course is 10 through young teens, lots of adults like to challenge themselves on it, too, including Stonefire's general manager.

His favorite is the torturous floating bridge. It consists of two boards hanging parallel to the ground. The warrior hangs onto one of the boards and has to get across an abyss, somehow negotiating the boards. You might have to be there.

That isn't the hardest part of the course, however. The jungle swings are. To get across an abyss, the warrior swings from bar to bar in quick succession. There are three bars and lots of padding in the abyss.

"It's definitely the hardest obstacle," of the 10 on the course, Lee said.

Last is best

But everybody's favorite is the last obstacle of all — the warped wall. Warriors take a running start on a ramp that curves upward until it's vertical. The goal is to get to the top. At Stonefire, the wall is 10 feet tall. In the TV show, it's at least 15 if not 20 feet tall, Lee said.

Warriors who make it to the top at Stonefire get to slide down a pole to the floor, covered in victory having triumphed over the ninja course.

If they have any ninja oomph left, they might try some of the other attractions at Stonefire. Those include six rock climbing walls, known as fun walls. One is a rope spider web. Another is in the form of a building where the climber has to put out "fires" on the way up. The walls are for kids and adults, as they are designed for climbers anywhere from 22 pounds to 330 pounds, Lee said.

Other choices include the ever popular bumper cars and a thing called a frog hopper where seated riders are raised 25 feet into the air and then dropped four times on their way back to the ground.

There also is an indoor bounce house for the younger set, and a jump yard outside in summer, mini-bowling and an arcade.

Fun in packages

Admission includes a buffet and several packages. For example, the all-you-can-eat buffet with one run on the Ninja Warrior Course and $10 worth of games is $16.99. Add-ons are available from there, such as three runs on the ninja course for $5 more.

For those more interested in dining than entertainment, Lee suggested, "Its a great place for lunch."

The all-you-can-eat buffet is $8.50 weekdays, he said. The buffet includes pizza, pastas, salads, nachos, soup, a potato bar, a kids section, and desserts.  After 3 p.m. and on weekends, the price is $11.99. For ages 3 to 12, the price is $6.49 weekdays and $8.99 weekends and evenings.

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