NEW BERLIN — Three men are suspected of stealing pallets containing cases of vodka from the New Berlin warehouse where they worked and selling the liquor to two stores in West Allis and Waterford.

Charged with theft from a business are Joshua Dempsey, 25, of 4748 S. 68th St., Greenfield; Earl Roberts, 32, of 3800 W. Cold Spring Road, Greenfield; and James Stadney, 47, of 8206 W. Lapham St., West Allis. If convicted, the maximum sentence for each is 10 years in prison.

All three worked at General Beverage Sales Co., 16255 W. Stratton Drive, New Berlin. The thefts are believed to  be valued at more than $57,700 and may have taken place in a roughly eight-month period from Nov. 26, 2015, to Aug. 5, 2016, according to the criminal complaint filed in Waukesha County Circuit Court.

Video surveillance from Aug. 5, 2016, shows two pallets of vodka being loaded into a delivery truck that was not scheduled to deliver vodka that day, according to the complaint.

The suspects didn't know the surveillance cameras were on, the complaint says. The stolen vodka was stored temporarily in Stadney's garage, the complaint alleges. The liquor was later sold to the two stores, it says.

Cleveland Avenue Bunty's Liquor, 8423 W. Cleveland Ave., is the West Allis store alleged to have received some of that vodka. As a result of the police investigation, the city of West Allis revoked the store's liquor license.

New Berlin police have uncovered 20 thefts in addition to the two pallets of vodka on Aug. 5, the complaint says. No total was given for how much property is alleged to have been stolen, but the major incidents the complaint does note top $48,000 in liquor, plus a $700 company Moped that was stolen and sold.

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