New Berlin students not college-ready 

To the editor,

As a former student of the School District of New Berlin, I would like to acknowledge the idea that our school district is a self-proclaimed “college readiness district.” As a graduate who has started college at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, I can attest to the falseness of their statement.

New Berlin introduced the retake policy two years ago which stated any student could retake tests, quizzes or assignments. Students have to show that they have prepared for round two, but what good is this new policy doing? This showed students that they don’t need to study or prepare for due dates because they always have a second chance. Exams were made optional as I entered freshman year and in most classes, I had no exams, but if I did they would affect my grade slightly. This is now a wakeup call to me and other New Berlin graduates as we prepare the whole semester for one important exam.

I hope administrators see this and take into consideration the effects of the decisions they make. They strive to have all their students go to college, but they aren’t implementing the right educational systems to back up their goals. Administrators make these false claims to raise their enrollment rates, increase income and gain support. By going to school board meetings located at New Berlin West High School on the second and fourth Mondays of every month at 7 p.m., you can present these drawbacks. You can simplify the transition from high school to college for your child by talking to the school board about the policies they are putting into place.

Morgan Brzank

Former New Berlin West student

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